The 2016 season is moving along and there has been no real big change from last year. Fuel is a little less expensive and bait is about the same. The price is even comparable to last year. Overall I believe I have caught a similar amount to last year so nothing really much different for me.

This is a picture of my boat while underway, 7 years later.
me boat

The only real difference this year has been the unusually cool wet weather. We are finally into our first what can be called a heat wave. I must say the warm weather is welcome although it has been quite uncomfortable working for the past few days. The plus side is that with the lack of any real breeze, it has been ideal hauling traps.

Cleaning Rust Stains Off Of Your Boat

I keep reading about people using Bar Keeper’s Friend and other scouring powders to remove the orange rust stains and water damage that appear on boats that are kept in salt water.

The name of the stuff that I use is On and Off. Most recommend spraying the hull, but for heavy stains around stainless trim or any metal on a boat this product does extremely well.

Many commercial fishermen just use a paint roller, but care must be taken not to get it on your clothes, hands, or just about anything else. It is unusually destructive to galvanized metal.

I seldom use the spray method and opt for a disposable paint brush for small areas and a roller for larger areas. The paint brush must be of the “natural” bristle type of the stuff will eat the brush.

If you have seen the orange/yellow on the hauling side of a lobster boat you will know what the stain is. All you need to do is put a small amount on the stain and rinse with water. The stains just melt away. It’s best to thoroughly rinse, not just a quick rinse as the acid in the product is very strong.

I have tried other products, but with a roller and “metal” tray, you can clean a 35 foot boat in 15 minutes. Not cheap at about $33.00 per gallon, but there is almost now real work involved in that there is absolutely no scrubbing, etc.

I even use it on my hauler plates and davit which are stainless and it restores them to like new condition. I have never left it on for more than a few seconds, but I assume it won’t bother stainless or fiberglass because in many years of using the product, I have never had a problem. It does burn clothes and synthetic fibers so I definitely recommend safety goggles, it isn’t something that anyone would want to get in their eyes, but it also burns skin. Rubber gloves and protective clothing would be recommended, but even then extreme care not to get it on you or any galvanized metal is critical.

Maine’s Lobster Season

Maine’s lobster season, at least for the seasonal inshore lobstermen has begun.

The outlook appears to be that the lobsters will shed early because of the unusual weather. This has gotten many lobstermen started slightly early in that there are already more traps in the water in the Portland, Maine area than normal for this time of year. I base this on what I have seen in previous years during the month of May.

Overall my experience is that one does well to come close to breaking even during this particular month.

For those unfamiliar with lobstering, I believe the time of the shed will only vary by a week or two each year, although it can be slightly more than that. I personally haven’t found this to be the case in the area where I fish.

I do see more people looking for jobs on lobster boats than normal and hope a few of those looking for helpers will find this site. I realize large sites like Craig’s List or sites of that nature get the traffic that might really help someone land a job. I must also add, that I have seen a couple ads on that particular site that were from people that I wouldn’t work for.

It was only one or two boats or Captains that I recognized, but like most advertising now days,  it really can be distorted. Don’t take this that all advertising is incorrect, just that people don’t seem to really care about “truth in advertising”.

I have noticed a few have taken the time to leave some information about the area in which they are looking for a “sternman” job. I recommend joining the site if you do this, only so that I can have a copy of your e-mail that is easily accessible in case someone wishes to contact you.

If you do leave information, I will try to get you in touch with anyone that is looking to “hire” someone.

The only way this site will help is for those that are looking or interested in the lobster industry, pass the site around. I don’t really care about traffic, but to help any of us, it does need to be seen by those in the industry.